TLW loves to design and provide resources that make wellness attainable for our global community.  Succeed at achieving your personal healthy living goals with the support of TLW. Let’s do it together!

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RBM is a truly great tool for ladies who want to prepare their bodies for pregnancy, new moms, and women who need to restore their personal wellness. In other words, if you’re here right now, it’s for you. It’s a 30-day DIY program to get you on the path to wellness designed by TLW founder Dr. Jenn Edwards, PhD. RBM will help you to:

  1. Restore your body’s internal balance.
  2. Have easy meal ideas ready.
  3. Hack your metabolism.
  4. Gain confidence.
  5. Get your body back.
  6. Lose weight.

You get a 30-day meal plan, plus our specific secret body restoration strategies also included on your schedule.  Find out the two powerhouses that make our program stand out.  And, you get chocolate!

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We’ll do the thinking for you. RBM comes with meal suggestions and access to recipes.  Start RBM today. Delivered to you in an eBook format immediately after checkout.  We’re honored to go on the wellness journey with you.

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