but first, self care.

Cheers to our community in India!  Glad to have you here experiencing living well!  Having a self-care routine is vital to remain centered, calm, and productive.  We spend so much time caring for others that we often put ourselves last.  What we forget is that we cannot pour from an empty cup.  We must balance the needs of others with fulfilling our personal needs first. We can even take it a step further and offer ourselves more than just the basics.

Self-care is getting a lot of air time lately, but it is more than spas and nail appointments.  Self-care is paying full attention to your mental health and all the influencers that impact it.  It means paying attention to your pace of life, being intentional about how you spend you time and who you spend it with, your physical and mental health, appearance, and even finances.  When we are optimally addressing all of these factors, we most likely feel our best.

TLW wellness retreats dive into these critical topics, for corporations, groups, and girlfriends getaways.  The importance of self-care cannot be underestimated. There is absolutely a connection between our mind and body.  Keep enjoying life by balancing your needs with all the demands we experience daily.

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