wellness for working moms

Hey to our readers in Alaska!  So glad to have you here!

Life as a working mom is rewarding and at times tiring.  Wellness as working moms truly begin with our attitude and outlook.  We are so often tempted to become martyrs who have overextended ourselves for the greater good, all while becoming resentful of others who have not supported us.  We can instead take joy in setting limitations for ourselves each day, engaging in self-care, and ensuring that we are refreshed so we can offer the most for our families.

Boundaries are critical for working moms.  Leave work at work, and unfortunately leave home (mostly) at home.  Child check-ins and conversations during the work day are expected, but careful boundaries are required to keep you at your best during professional hours.

Balance is also mandatory. Climbing corporate ladders cannot  come at the expense of your peace or your presence with your family.  Children know when you are stressed.  Do you want them to look back on their  youth and remember a parent who seemed more consumed by work than enjoying family?

And yes, leaving work early or even missing work altogether is required at times.  Doctor’s appointments and closed school days mean you have to be there for your kiddos.  The trend here in wellness for working moms is managing expectations.  Be realistic with yourself, and ensure that your employer is honoring the reality of your life.

These are not challenges, consider them opportunities to be present and continue expressing love to your children.  The stress often comes when we are trying to be everything for everyone at the same time.  Try to think two thoughts at once….Exactly.  And long term stress leads to suffering, heart issues, imbalance and infertility (love to our ttc community), and even weight gain.

Wellness for working moms requires acceptance and unabashed confidence that being present for your family does not compromise your skills and performance in the workplace.

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