We love yoga at TLW.  If it’s your first time hitting the mat, we wanted to share some tips with you.  Keep in mind, yoga is about accepting your body and your capabilities that day.  You may perform better on Day 1 than day 3 or vice versa.  In yogaland, there is no pressure to compete.  You get to be the best you that day.  Yogis enjoy continually improving their practice.  Plus, yoga helps with relaxation and stress reduction, which is vital to support conception and general wellness.  There is joy in the improved strength and balance that results from consistent practice.  Weight loss can occur, but that is likely not the initial reason many yogis started their practice.

Some essentials you need for the first day are fitted clothing, a mat, water bottle, and a towel.  Clothing should be fitted since there are poses that require twisting and bending.  You don’t want ill fitting pans that fall down, or a shirt that flies up.  Some studios provide a mat for you, and many are clean, but don’t risk it.  Bring your own.  For extra cushion – and sometimes sacrificing some balance – you can double up on mats for a softer surface.

If you’re doing hot yoga or even vinyasa flow, you definitely want to stay hydrated and dry.  Even if doing slower forms of yoga like hatha poses, yoga is challenging. Drink water during the session and bring a towel to keep you dry.  Dry hands are important to avoid slipping on the mat.

Those are the basics to get started.  TLW is all about yoga for wellness.  Practice at a studio or find a cool community class outdoors.  Stay at it.  We recommend three solid yoga sessions before you decide whether or not you love it.  Over time, the practice will become more routine, allowing you to relax into each posture and challenge yourself to do more.

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