summertime chi

We love Summer at TLW.  We have taken over Coachella, are appreciating the winery and vineyards from Cali, to Georgia and Texas.  And, Essence Festival was a blast in NOLA.  Now the Deltas are taking over the city for convention.  Summertime Chi is timeless and a must travel.  We have even curated some favorite things you might want to take with you.

With all this culture comes a chance to make wise choices for our wellness and health.  Spending time with friends releases those feel good chemicals that we all need. These hormones help us to fight off a bad mood and feel encouraged.  Vacays and staycays are vital for self-care, mental health, and just plain fun.

How are you going to spend you time as you travel? Do you become a travel foodie?  We can choose the salad on the menu or the cheesecake.  TLW believes in the mind-body connection.  We must not shape all of our social experiences around food.  Just some of them!  Try to find things to do with your friends that does not involve eating.  Walking tours, site seeing, hiking, kayaking, yoga classes, you name it. Even shop.  Most destinations offer plenty of non-eating options.  Then, when you do eat, you indulge a bit, but have balance.

There’s research that says if you sit with the friends who eat cheesecake, you will to.  Hey, and sometimes this is ok, especially if you have built a lifestyle that is mostly healthy most of the time.  As you live it up wherever you go, just have a blast, and don’t work against your goals.

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