looking like a snack

If we really want to have progress with our weight management and for our ttc ladies, It’s important to properly fuel our bodies.  Our bodies burn fat and build muscle effectively when they know there’s more food coming.

Your body goes into starvation mode if you are not fueling it regularly.  We recommend fueling every few hours, though we know there are some trends out their like intermittent fasting.  Eating often helps stabilize blood sugar as well.  There are no peaks and crashes from binges and starvation.  You aren’t doing yourself a favor by saving up calories for one big meal.

Some of our favorite snacks to eat between meals include blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, dark chocolate (1 oz. no more than one per day), veggie sticks, one hard boiled egg, and avocado (1c. once per day).  Don’t over indulge here, but stay fueled all day long.

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