wellness for holidays

The much needed day off! How are you spending your time? Wellness for holidays allows us to get extra sleep, not rush around, spend time outdoors, and take more time with our food choices. There’s no rushing and we get to enjoy family and friends.

Getting a full night’s rest is important for health and weight management. It’s during that time our bodies repair and restore themselves. That’s why people who suffer from sleep apnea (and who don’t get enough sleep in general) experience hormonal imbalance and are at increased risk for things like heart disease.

Spending time outside builds our Vitamin D stores and helps our happy mood. We need Vitamin D for bone health. It also reduces our risk for cancers, heart disease, and weight gain.  Enjoy the holiday! Enjoy healthy home cooked foods. But, pass on the pasta, there are plenty of carbs in everything else.

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