wellness for busyness

I often get asked how I do it all. I tell my clients that stress works against their weight loss. With two kids, a wellness brand, and a hubby, I actually try to be productive and intentional instead of busy these days. That was a tough transformation for me as a recovering perfectionist (um, no one’s perfect) who was truly driven by excessive performance.

News for you, there is no such thing as multitasking. You aren’t doing anything as well when you try to do it all, so give it up. Try batch work. Batch work means you pick certain days consistently each week to work in certain things. Make peace with any action items you can’t get to.  Then, look into whether or not you have over committed. Ban busy.

Get real about how necessary and important the things making you busy truly are. Are you being taken for granted and overextended by others? What things actually add value to your life and others? Spend time in that space instead. Adopt a life of being meaningfully productive.  Be intentional about how you commit your time.  You can’t do it all.  Busy doesn’t have to run your life!

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