love for grandmothers

We LOVE grandmothers at TLW!  My grandmothers were an important part of my life, and man do I miss them.  We are blessed if we have an opportunity to appreciate our grandparents while they are with us.  Our TLW creator, Dr. Jenn, even dedicated her book to her “Grandmother Dear”.  If you haven’t, tell your grandparents how amazing they are!

With age, comes some challenges.  Falls being one of them.  More than one older adult in my family has struggled with falls. Mobility becomes more difficult, yet sometimes our minds are still fresh and active.  Dr. Jenn has been part of an evaluation that looks into falls prevention – an important health and safety issue for older adults.

For those who want to geek out a bit, it’s about how to increase the likelihood that someone like your grandmother or grandfather will listen to their doctor and take measures to prevent falls. The team used the Health Belief Model, Extended Parallel Process Model, Transtheoretical Model, and Social Cognitive Theory to design a customized evaluation framework.  Check out the work so far.


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