The Scoop on Meal Planning

So many ladies asked about this, so here’s the scoop on meal planning:

Meal planning is a game changer. The short time this will take is totally worth it. Here are the detailed steps to take:

1. Get a planner! Or at least a 30/31 daily calendar for the month.

2. DESIGN your days – Sunday Fun Day (fun family dinner recipes), Mondays are always leftovers, Tuesdays are chicken/beef meals, Wednesdays are always leftovers, Thursdays are slow cooked meals, and Fridays are takeout. Apply this pattern EACH WEEK for the month.

3. DEVELOP your meals – What kind of chicken on Tuesday? Baked? Chicken alfredo? What sides – include one complex carb (e.g. brown rice, sweet potatoes) and one veggie per meal.

4. RELAX on your weekends – Leftovers from the week! Top it off with your Sunday family or foodie dinner.

5. BUILD your breakfasts – Give yourself a break. Your family can fend for themselves most days if it requires more than a breakfast shake or cereal. I recommend getting your daily greens and shakes.  The chocolate greens are my fave. Then, write in MAYBE 1 day a week you might prep a batch of breakfast wraps, tacos, or frittatas (easy items for plastic baggies on the go).

Now look, your WHOLE calendar is full! No more stress of deciding what your next meal will be. No more last minute takeout runs that cost twice as much as cooking at home, plus gas money. No worries about MSG and unreasonable levels of hidden salt and sugar either. Do it again next month!

See how much better your body will feel too when you eat at home more. You WON’T REGRET meal planning. Tag TLW Creator, Dr. Jenn on a photo of your calendar when you finish! @DrJennEdwards on Instagram. Congratulations on investing in your health, stacking extra cash, and reclaiming your time!


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