a fall favorite

Bye bye watermelon, hello pumpkin!  As we transition from summer’s favorite menu addition to the fall, let’s check out why pumpkin is so good.  Pumpkin is in the winter squash family, and they are indeed a fruit.  Pumpkin is fiber rich to support feeling full, and weight loss.  It’s also a low calorie food.  There has been at least one solid recipe using blended pumpkin instead of cheese for a still-decadent macaroni and “cheese” dish.

The vitamin A and C in pumpkin helps boost your immune system, and the beta-carotene helps protect your skin from the sun and certain cancers.  Like your daily greens, pumpkin can actually help reduce risk for diabetes too, by having mitigating effects on blood glucose too.

Not too many reasons to skip this dish.  Just make sure you don’t have too many added sugars in your pumpkin dish of choice.  Cheers to the new pumpkin smoothies at Jamba Juice and the classic SBUX PSL (50g of sugar!).  Drink up, in moderation, of course.

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