Productivity and Push Ups

What the relationship between productivity and push ups? Why do fitness and working go hand in her and? If you’re fit, you’re happy, you’re healthy, and you’re present. Being present is a large part of working, right? Here’s how companies can ensure that employees are living a fit and fulfilled life that is beneficial for all.

The CEOs of big ops must reinforce a positive work culture and consistent staff exercise. Chronic work stress can lead to poor mental health. Mental health is the leading cause of disability in the United States. This represents a growing epidemic in the corporate world, and also affects the financial bottom line. Ever notice that when you’ve been stressed for awhile you begin to catch colds more easily? Poor mental health decreased productivity and compromises our immune system. Compassion for staff and a positive work environment go a long way. Your HR team can ask your insurer to run an analysis of your corporate medical claims so you can focus on the illnesses that plague your staff the most. The analysis, of course, does not report individual names or diagnoses, but offers a chance to dive into the risk factors your staff members face. In the end, reduced time off due to illness and stress is a win for the company and employees. Less paid sick days will make HR and the CEO very happy.

CEOs of mid-sized operations can focus on staff wellness programs and competitions. With a closer knit staff, fun events like walking competitions or biggest loser types of contents can build company morale and fitness. Some health insurance companies even offer perks and prizes. Selecting a health insurance company that also offers incentives is an important decision CEOs can make. Incentives inspire staff to get regular checkups and screening, thereby catching illnesses early and reducing healthcare costs that the company would have to support. Encourage weekly team walks, group meetings in the gym, or launch a company recreational sports team. Promoting the ongoing wellness of staff ensures their good health, less sick days, and overall positive energy for the company.

The solo CEO must energize daily. The work of launching a company is no small task. It is easy to become consumed by the never ending to-do list. It is even easier to get lost in the passion the solo CEO has for his or her craft. Hours go by without getting up from the desk and moving. Weeks go by without making time to be active. The solo CEO must ensure a constant effort toward an active and low-stress lifestyle. Building a business is a journey, and not a destination. Take some of the pressure off and ensure self-care at the same time. Do you have a standing desk? A treadmill so you can walk while on conference calls? A gym membership, active hobby, or joining a recreational sports team will increase fitness and also give the solo CEO even more energy and stamina to run the entrepreneur race.

Place compassion for your staff as the top priority and companies of all sizes will reap the reward of a more productive, healthy, and energetic workplace.


Photo Credit: Global Core

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