The Jugular

Water is our lifeline. What kind of jug do you use? Do you drink half of your body weight in ounces daily? Yes. Every. Day. We should get rollover ounces from days and weeks before if we need them. But no, we must drink tons of water every day.

Our body quickly shuts down without water. We can go longer with no food than without water. So, let’s drink up in style. How do you tote around your lifeline?

BKR is pretty next level. It’s a BPA-free glass bottle wrapped in rubber like material. If you drop it, in most cases the rubber breaks the fall and your water bottle is secure. The rubber also helps with gripping the bottle. The smaller BKRs are best for workout class or to throw in your Longchamp tote. The larger volume BKRs help track consumption with only 2-3 bottles per day, but are best left at your desk or on your nightstand because the higher volumes glass bottle gets heavy.

Get your water however you can. Some people recycle milk jugs – requires a thorough initial cleaning. Others use picnic coolers – heavy and way less stylish than a BKR. Some cute stainless steel bottles have also emerged on the market in places ranging from sporting goods stores to Starbucks and Target. Others drink bottled water – fresh, but watch out for BPA.

Tons of choices and designs out there. Get your ounces in. Choose the bottle that works for you. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Image Credit: BKR

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