A Renaissance

It’s that awkward time of year when prime time television is on hiatus, and everyone is on vacation.  In the past, networks took that as a sign to show reruns and not invest in viewership.  However, the past few years have shown that successful summer shows can be launched on cable television during the summer months, and network television finally began to follow suit.  People are present. People are watching.

Similarly, major sports have this uncomfortable summer lull that leaves sports fans needing something to do.  The NBA Championship has wrapped, hockey is finished, and football has not yet returned. So, what do we do?  Well, now there’s the BIG3. This has been super fun to watch in my household.  Retired NBAers get to take the court in 3-on-3 basketball.

Basketball retiring age is relatively young (though not as young and offensive as pro gymnastics average retirement age!), yet these players, and all of us, need to remain active regularly no matter our age.  Signs of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease start showing up in mid-30s and beyond, so we’ve got to do what we can to reduce disease risk.  Running the basketball courts is a great way to help with that.  They’re staying fit and having fun.  What do you do to stay active?

The BIG3 has more show and glam than the NBA, plus fun team names.  It’s a basketball renaissance.  The players are having a little more fun on the court.  Egos are at bay.  They know their pensions are secure and endorsements are not a forefront consideration – though endorsements are a realistic possibility given the success of the league so far.  This league could resurrect ballers’ careers in a new way.  Ice Cube is a business genius as a team owner.  The stands are packed.  It was a business risk, and he took it.  Good call.  An old fave, Gary Payton is a coach.  And so is the legendary Julius Erving.  Celebs are on the sidelines.  They have behind the scenes segments with the stars we all remember and love.  They landed big names that had big faith in the BIG3.

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