Down With Diabetes

Native Americans and African-Americans are diagnosed with diabetes at disproportionately higher rates than other racial groups.

Lack of resources, lack of health insurance, or inability to pay often links to frequency of someone seeing the doctor.  If there is no compliance with treatment recommendations, or sporadic dialysis treatment. That’s when we start to see potentially preventable amputations and rapid progression of the disease.

There are few race-based genetically linked conditions, and a diabetes diagnosis is not necessarily linked to race.  This disproportionately poor outcomes more like related to lack of access to resources and early diabetes screening.  Early screening allows for early intervention and even a reversal of the condition if it is caught in the pre-diabetic phase. 

The key is to catch the condition early, fuel on veggies and healthy foods and less on simple carbs (candy! bread!), and restore internal balance.  Blood sugar monitoring at home is a helpful tool for those identified as at-risk. 

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