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Healthy living and clean eating is a journey.  We have to be ready to adopt the changes, and we have to be willing to change our habits and sometimes even our environments.  Eating out with friends might not be an option if you have no will power to avoid the dessert menu.

Planning ahead is the key to maintaining new healthy living habits.  Write down the changes you’d like to make to live a healthier lifestyle.  Do you have a meal planning tool?  Food delivery is an option too.  Do you have a daily source of veggies? Do you have your gym clothes laid out for the week?  Wait, do you have cute gym clothes?  Make it as easy and fun as possible to get healthyAnd choose one healthy habit at a time to address. Keep it manageable for yourself. 

Understanding personal triggers for the habits we are trying to change is also core.  Keep a log of when you engage in those habits, and try to avoid the surrounding circumstances. Then, come up with a Plan B.  If you scarf down donuts when you’re stressed, take time to be mindful of your emotional state and decide that when you feel that way, you will go for a walk or go to the gym instead.

Willingness to change, preparation, and coping strategies will keep you on the path to success.  If you slip up one day, that’s ok.  Don’t decide to go “all in” and do even worse.  That just causes more guilt afterward.  Be mindful of why you engaged in your old habits – Are they part of a routine? Are you an emotional eater? – and avoid the circumstance next time.  Above all, we have to be ready to get healthy.  Nothing will happen if we have not first made the choice to live a healthier life.  A refrigerator full of healthy foods mean nothing if you haven’t given up McDonalds.  You can do it.  Decide.  Equip yourself. -JE, TLW Creator

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