Shake Things Up Part I

Preggers women must limit their caffeine.  I love Starbucks because it truly is all about the ritual.  Walking into a coffeehouse is pretty magical.  It’s so magical that it do it a few times per week.  Is someone really addicted if they are not ordering coffee?  SBUX has so many options, including that unicorn drink that disappeared from the menu as fast as it appeared (the power of social!).  Sugar content in beverages is certainly something to be mindful of – it is a root cause of hormonal imbalances as well as chronic disease. But, I digress.

Where are the preggers moms out there? Are you eating for two?  Which, as we know, is not a real thing.  In the early stages of pregnancy, you really only need a few hundred more calories than usual.  Yes, you could cook breakfast at home, but, the dishes…On the other hand, have you thought about how eating out habits affect your wallet? How much is the ritual costing you?  Today can be the day you do something about it.

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