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Let’s have a little paraben free fun here.  If you notice that you suffer from skin conditions like eczema, be sure to monitor your diet and topical products that you are using.  Have you tried a food log?  Reactions can happen as fast as immediately, or as delayed as a week or so.  Start paying attention to your body’s patterns.  Determining the root cause of your reaction can help you mitigate and even eliminate the symptoms of inflammation altogether.

A potentially inflammatory ingredient in our favorite makeup lines (and lotions!) are parabens.  In the last few ingredients in many lipsticks and glosses, you will see the preservative listed with any number of prefixes.  MAC is lovely, yet notorious for this ingredient.  Parabens can aggravate skin conditions, so let’s chat about makeup lines that could work for you.

Some favorites are Tarte, Too Faced, and the classic, Bobbi Brown.  Some of Burt’s Bees products are good too, but do not seem to have the cosmetic, long wear staying power of these other brands.  Too Faced will have your lips in living color for three to four hours or more, including lasting through brunch or that dinner date.  Tarte has fun neutrals for every skin tone and a few bolds.  Bobbi Brown is a diverse line with the most product choices, but less bright colors than Too Faced.  Too Faced gives you color innovation with Lilac, Gray, neutrals and brights.  All have paraben-free formulations to keep your skin at bay.  Department store makeup vendors tend to be less progressive than your standalone makeup retailer like Ulta or Sephora.  The good news is, you have choices out there.

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