fast fibroid fix

Fibroids plague an astonishing number of women – 80% of us will have been diagnosed with them by age 50.  They are more commonly faced in developed, high income nations.  We have a lifestyle of excess that often involves unhealthy eating habits.  While food choices are not the sole source of fibroid formation, you can make some quick changes to decrease your risk.  Some women even site reversal of symptoms and elimination of fibroids altogether over time.

Tia Mowry shared her fibroid journey in Whole New You:  How Real Food Transforms Your Life.  Food affects hormones, and hormones affect our metabolism and general health in countless ways.  Want a fast fibroid fix?  Focus on the three S’s:  Cut stress, sugar, and soy.  You can do this right now.  Today.  I know, way easier said than done.  These silent killers are a root of not only fibroid formation, but numerous chronic diseases that affect our quality of life and life span.

Sugar and soy consumption affect the hormones directly connected to our lady parts. They can stimulate and mutate them.  Cut them out and experience the difference in how you feel.  Sources of hidden sugar are also vital to address – sauces especially.  Consider a low glycemic substitute like agave.  On stress:  There’s much to be said for a domestic vacation in Napa Valley or globetrotting to France.  Have fun with friends and family, and cut your fibroid risk at the same time.

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