positive in, positive out

I love listening to podcasts.  Ever since songs like “Laffy Taffy” (remember that?) were released, I knew that radio was officially passé.  Podcasts are awesome because they offer customized content.  I tend to like the podcasts hosted by women and moms, of course.  The rotation gets slow near the weekend for obvious reasons, but I can’t wait for my Monday feed.

My podcast goals are to surround myself with positive energy from mommy bosses and women of faith.  We have to mediate on good things, so I apply this in all aspects of life.  Some monologue types of podcasts can get a bit redundant, so I take them off of my rotation.  Having guests or a hosting partner is critical for podcast success.  I even like podcasts for the ads.  They are conversational and read by the hosts, and since I like the host, I’ll surely at least check out the product site which closely relates to the podcast topic.  I’ve learned about all kinds of green living and natural products from the short ads.

Let’s chat about some of my faves:  The Paleo Women Podcast touches on women’s health and dietary issues as does The Healthy Moms Podcast.  I listen to both of these and feel like I have tangible options to live a greener life. The Mom Hour is fun too.  God Centered Mom and Inspired to Action are always thoughtful, faith-filled podcasts that leave me energized.  On other topics:  If you haven’t connected with Pastor Steven Furtick, he’s dynamite – listen to the Elevation Church podcast.  TD Jakes’ podcast is fire too, though he spouts some patriarchal madness from time to time, he’s a much respected legend.  Change what you listen to and change your life.  Positive in, positive out. -JE, TLW Creator

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