You Are What You Eat

Where do you get your meat from? Where can you go for wild fish and not farm-raised fish?  How is your corn and wheat grown?  It’s time to pay close attention to how our food is being “sourced”.  In other words, who is growing your food, how are they growing it, and how are they treating live animals.  The rapid increase in steroids, hormones, and GMOs makes it vital to understand where our food comes from.  We are what we eat.  If we continue to eat food pumped with growth hormones, we will be at increased risk for our own hormonal imbalances.

Businesses and “Big Farma” do what they can to grow their animals larger and faster so they can make more money.  But at what cost?  Growing crops taller and faster, but at what cost?  Some girls are starting their cycles at the age of 8 nowadays, credited to hormones in foods and milk (which comes from cows pumped with hormones).  Someone can eat wheat in Germany and be just fine, but eat wheat in the U.S. and have Celiac Disease-like reactions.

HOWEVER, many of our food allergies aren’t food allergies at all.  They are adverse reactions to what is being pumped into our food.  I love root cause analysis.  Do you have allergies? Intolerances?  Make a food log and see what foods are triggering you.  Where do they come from?  How are they grown?  Where can you go for “whole foods” that are hormone free?  As a researcher, I recommend starting here or even working with a functional medicine doc (who went to naturopathic medical school) before shelling out money on an expensive allergist.

Our internal balance and long term health depends on being our own advocate for ethical food sourcing.  They make money.  You get sick.  You are what you eat.

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